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“Barbara helps us do something that no one else has: actually see floors and understand the myriad aspects of these surfaces, which we occupy most of our lives. This is no flooring manual about products. This book takes a very human-centered approach to the question of what kind of environments do we want to inhabit. After reading this book, you will never look at floors – or interior environments – the same way again.”
Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Design, University of Minnesota


Flooring Psych: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping through Life


“As a flooring representative for 30+ years I wish I had read FLOORING PSYCH at the beginning of my career. The concepts would have allowed me to make better recommendations in the past and will now do so in moving forward. This book should be required reading for all flooring manufacturer’s sales teams.”
Mike Patton, CEO, DSB+ Commercial Floor Finishes, San Francisco Bay Area

Flooring Psychology Consulting and Speaking

Architectural Design Psychology describes how our built-environments affect us both psychologically and physically – and flooring plays a major role in every space we occupy. FLOORING PSYCH: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping Through Life describes the unconscious psychological effects of commonly used floor color and pattern choices in every project type. Through entertaining and engaging stories, illustrations, and research quotations it provides specific design recommendations that will help make your projects safer and your clients happier. As a Consultant and/or Speaker, Barbara can customize this Biophilic / Evidence-Based Design Approach to benefit your specific Client, Staff and Goals.

There are three primary ways that our flooring design choices can either help or hurt us (and a variety of solutions applicable to all design styles):

  • Floor Patterns can increase or decrease stress.
  • Floor Patterns can lead us where we do (or don’t) want to go.
  • Floor Patterns can foster or hinder slipping and falling.

“Slip and fall accidents by customers, employees and pedestrians are a nightmare every commercial building owner and facility manager wants to prevent. With 85% of workers’ compensation claims attributed to slip and fall accidents… contributing to 2 million fall injuries per year, there’s real cause for care.”
Occupational Health & Safety Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Who would benefit most from knowing about Flooring Psychology?

Everyone interested in how our Environments affect us, and involved in Flooring Design, Marketing and Sales will find this topic both engaging and applicable:

  • Architects and Interior Designers will learn how to incorporate these research-based concepts within their design process to create healthier spaces.
  • Sales teams will learn ideas that will give then a new vocabulary to help their clients select the healthiest colors and patterns for their workplaces and homes.
  • Product Designers and Research & Development experts will have a better understanding about the psychological and behavioral role their products will play in the larger design context.
  • Flooring Marketers and Manufacturer’s Representatives will learn more about the design process and will better understand the issues affecting their designer-clients.
  • Building Owners and Facility Managers will learn how to specify flooring to promote their wayfinding and behavioral goals while reducing tripping and falling incidents.

“FLOORING PSYCH is a quick and enjoyable read. It’s also a great reference when considering floor patterns and materials – and their affect on the spaces we design. As designers and architects believing that design makes a difference, we often focus on the delight of the visual and forget the reality of the physical. Barbara’s book reinforces the idea that we are responsible for understanding how our designs will affect others.”
Lauren Rottet, FAIA, FIIDA, Interior Design Hall of Fame, Rottet Studio

How can you read a free chapter of FLOORING PSYCH or buy your own copy?

Just press the “YOUR FREE CHAPTER” button on this page and fill in your name and e-mail. You will be e-mailed the chapter titled:
“Hidden Message #3: A Line on the Ground = A Change in Plane”

Or press the Amazon button on this page to go directly to Amazon’s FLOORING PSYCH page.

Please contact Barbara to discuss:

  • Helping your Flooring Sales and Marketing Teams be stronger consultants to their clients.
  • Consulting with Building Owners and/or their Architects and Designers during the design process.
  • Speaking at Conferences, Showrooms and your In-House events (for entertainment and education).
  • Customizing FLOORING PSYCH with photographs of your own flooring products illustrating the concepts for your staff and promotional purposes.
  • Ordering 50 or more copies of FLOORING PSYCH at a reduced rate.

Barbara @ LyonsArch.com


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Barbara Lyons Stewart ~ Architectural Design Psychology consultant
Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA EDAC

As a consultant, I help Building Owners, their Architects and Interior Designers incorporate research into their design process to help promote client and end-user goals including:

- Reducing Stress
- Increasing Productivity
- Fostering Creativity
- Promoting Focus & Concentration
- Improving Staff-Retention, Health & Satisfaction

The Research is out there. Why not let it enrich your practice by informing your design decision-making?
Please e-mail: Barbara@LyonsArch.com

“AECOM has consulted with Barbara on three major medical centers. She worked with our design teams to apply her nature-based environmental psychology research into wonderfully successful outcomes with each project. We have effectively applied the concepts described in her new book, Flooring Psychology, and feel that the time spent with Barbara has enhanced how we think as architects, or more importantly, how we can stop thinking like architects for a period and take on the viewpoint of the real end users and people who will occupy these spaces. Collaborating with Barbara has been a pleasure and I look forward to our next endeavor.”
Thomas Thompson, Associate Principal, Healthcare Studio Leader, AECOM

"Quantifiable Data: Firms able to demonstrate to their clients that the impact of what they design can be objectively measured will have a leg up on the competition."
AIArchitect Magazine, January 2012

barbara flooringpsych

Click the cover to hear Barbara's Interview with Floor Focus Magazine or Click the Flooring Psych cover to purchase Barbara's book from Amazon FLOORING PSYCH: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping through Life