“Very good reviews from everyone so BRAVO!”
Annette Wiley, IIDA Series Coordinator, Wiley Architects
(After the International Interior Design Association’s Southern California 3-City Speaker Series)

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“Stories from a Building Psychologist: How to Create Healthier Places by Thinking like a Caveman”
Along with our ancestors’ DNA, research confirms that we inherited the instincts that allowed them to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Barbara shows through colorful photographs, interesting case studies and entertaining stories that we unconsciously respond to our built-environments today the same way that our ancestors responded to their natural world in the past. Your audience will learn practical Biophilic (nature-based) and Evidence-Based Design concepts they can incorporate in their design and marketing strategies immediately to help create healthier places for end-users in all project types.


“The Hidden Messages in Floor Patterns”
Based upon Barbara’s book FLOORING PSYCH: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping Through Life this talk includes photographs, case studies and entertaining stories showing how floor patterns unconsciously affect how we feel, what we do and where we go… Your audience will learn practical concepts they can incorporate in their design and marketing strategies immediately – and will never look at flooring the same way again!

“Barbara’s presentation at the AIA Convention was great. The owner of the firm where I work, Michael Carlton of Carlton Architecture, and I both thought her presentation was the best we’d heard at the Convention!”
Mary McGrath, Principal Carlton Architecture and Interiors

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation to the ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) yesterday. The reviews from attendees were excellent across-the-board, and that is often not the case. As you heard, the last speaker had everyone running for the doors.”
Sally Marks, San Francisco ALA Program Chair

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Architectural Design Psychology Seminars and Workshops:
(for Architects, Interior Designers and General Audiences)
These include photographs and case studies from a variety of project types demonstrating that people respond to their 21st Century Environments the same way their ancient ancestors responded to their Natural world – and research-based recommendations describing how we can use that knowledge to design healthier and more supportive places today. Workshops with your design team will include a review of your proposed design alternates during the Schematic Design or Design Development phases and recommendations for how to apply Architectural Design Psychology recommendations to meet your client’s goals. (Note that the title and exact content will be customized to meet each client’s objectives)

Flooring Psychology Seminars and Workshops:
(for Architects, Interior Designers and the Flooring Industry)
Based upon Barbara’s book FLOORING PSYCH: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping Through Life and her seminar at the 2011 Healthcare Design Conference (titled “Floor Patterns in Healthcare Facilities – Friend or Foe?”), seminars and workshops include photographs and case studies focusing on the unconscious affects of floor patterns with entertaining “Do’s and Don’ts”. Workshops will include reviewing your project design goals and alternates with your project team and the development of specific research-based recommendations.


  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs Interior Design Conference
  • Featured Speaker at IIDA’s California Speaker Series: Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego
  • National AIA Conventions in Washington DC, San Antonio and Los Angeles
  • State AIA Conferences in Minneapolis and San Francisco
  • The Healthcare Design Conference in Nashville
  • Kaiser Permanente National Facilities Services Group and (4) Medical Center project teams
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs Construction Facilities Management Group, Washington DC
  • Architectural Firms including Gensler San Francisco, Rottet Studios NYC, Smithgroup, Ellerbe/AECOM, Anshen+Allen, Chong Partners, Booth Nichols, Aditazz, Hawley Peterson Snyder, Stantec, and Carlton Architecture NYC

Presentations are customized to appeal to each audience. Additionally, if you are a flooring manufacturer or representative, then presentations can include photographs of your own products illustrating Hidden Messages for greater impact and promotional purposes.

Please contact Barbara @ LyonsArch.com


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Barbara Lyons Stewart ~ Architectural Design Psychology consultant
Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA EDAC

As a consultant, I help Building Owners, their Architects and Interior Designers incorporate research into their design process to help promote client and end-user goals including:

- Reducing Stress
- Increasing Productivity
- Fostering Creativity
- Promoting Focus & Concentration
- Improving Staff-Retention, Health & Satisfaction

The Research is out there. Why not let it enrich your practice by informing your design decision-making?
Please e-mail: Barbara@LyonsArch.com

“AECOM has consulted with Barbara on three major medical centers. She worked with our design teams to apply her nature-based environmental psychology research into wonderfully successful outcomes with each project. We have effectively applied the concepts described in her new book, Flooring Psychology, and feel that the time spent with Barbara has enhanced how we think as architects, or more importantly, how we can stop thinking like architects for a period and take on the viewpoint of the real end users and people who will occupy these spaces. Collaborating with Barbara has been a pleasure and I look forward to our next endeavor.”
Thomas Thompson, Associate Principal, Healthcare Studio Leader, AECOM

"Quantifiable Data: Firms able to demonstrate to their clients that the impact of what they design can be objectively measured will have a leg up on the competition."
AIArchitect Magazine, January 2012

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Click the cover to hear Barbara's Interview with Floor Focus Magazine or Click the Flooring Psych cover to purchase Barbara's book from Amazon FLOORING PSYCH: How to Avoid (Literally) Slipping and Tripping through Life